Viagra can Make your Penis Harder and Save your Penis from Injury as well

It’s no secret that Viagra makes your penis harder for penetrative sex. But what you might not know is that it can save your penis from injury — if you start taking it early enough.

If you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction but wait to talk to your doctor until you can’t achieve an erection hard enough for penetrative sex, you may damage your penis. Having sex with an erection that’s barely “hard enough” can bend it and tear tissues that may scar as they heal, Dr. Montague says.

Scar tissue isn’t elastic like healthy penile tissue, so it will force your penis to bend with future erections, creating a condition known as Peyronie’s disease.

This affects 9 percent of men between the ages of 40 and 75. Many of these men have what Dr. Montague calls erectile insufficiency — erections that are not as firm as they used to be. During intercourse, bending may damage the penis. Taking Viagra could help prevent the problem and avoid an injury with lifelong consequences, he says.

No matter what your concern is, talk with your doctor. “If you’re having erectile dysfunction problems, you should feel confident going to your doctor. It’s a common issue,” Dr. Montague says. “Many men are embarrassed, but they shouldn’t be. Help is available, and it’s worth a try.”

What you should know before you take viagra ?

Don’t drink alcohol after taking

If you like a glass of wine or another alcoholic bev to unwind before sexy time, you should be fine.

But drinking more than that after taking Viagra could put a major damper on your rendezvous.

Moderate to heavy drinking can make it — er — harder for you to get an erection. Also, Viagra can lower blood pressure. Combining it with alcohol can increase this effect.

If your blood pressure drops, symptoms like dizziness, lightheadedness, and headache could also hinder your hard-on and mood.

How does the time frame compare with other ED meds?

Like Viagra, most ED drugs can be taken 30 to 60 minutes before sex.

The exception is Stendra (avanfil), which is the fastest-acting ED medication available. It only takes 15 to 30 minutes to kick in, depending on the dose.

When it comes to duration, Cialis (tadalafil) is the longest lasting and works for up to 36 hours.